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Pension Assist

Navigating the Centrelink application process can be complex and time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be.


We're here to make it easy for you with our Pension Assist service.

Take the first step towards a stress-free Centrelink application process.


Contact us today to schedule your initial telephone consultation.


Simplify Your Centrelink Application with Our Expert Assistance



Why Choose Our Service?**

Advice Relationship

Our clients enjoy knowing they have an adviser on call to work through any money decisions through the year and feel confident everything has been considered.

How financial advice works

If you’ve never had financial advice before, the process can feel daunting. But there’s nothing to worry about.

We’re here to listen with an open mind. Understanding that you want to improve your position. Whatever that may be right now.

Here's how it works

Step 1 – We work out where you want to be

This is where we take a look at where you are now and where you want your finances to be.

We talk about goals, your life, and your dreams for the future.

Step 2 – Understand your investment type

Part of getting to know you is to understand how your personality type influences the type of investor you are, your time frames and how this shows up in your strategy.

Step 3 – We get to work on creating a strategy for you

Using all the info we know about you, we research, strategies and put together a plan that supports your goals.

It usually includes a review of:
 - your current position
 - existing investment

structures and super

Step 6 – It’s not a set and forget thing

We know life doesn’t always go in a straight line, so we have an annual check-in and review of your strategy to make sure it’s keeping up with your life.

Step 5 – Implement your plan

Once you’ve signed off on the strategy, we go about implementing your plan.

And yes. There will be paperwork.

But we do what we can to help you so it’s as painless as possible.

Step 4 – We present your plan

Once we put together a strategy, we talk you through the options and why we’ve chosen them. 

This is where you’ll see a Statement of Advice (the legal document), but we take the time to explain things simply so you understand and can confidently decide.

How much does financial advice cost?

We charge a fee-for-service based on the complexity of our work. The cost is fair and reasonable for the areas of advice covered, complexity of strategies and expertise required.



This allows us to introduce ourselves and discuss your requirements.


Telephone Chat (30 minutes) No cost

Initial Consultation

Your Initial Discovery Meeting is a chance to explore your requirements and understand your personal situation.

When you first meet with us by either face-to-face, video (Zoom or Teams) or telephone, we charge a consultation fee.


Initial Discovery Meeting (1 hour) $330 (GST incl.)

Initial Aged Care or Centrelink Meeting (1 hour) $440 (GST incl.)

Note: Initial Telephone Chat and Discovery Meetings are General Advice only. General advice does not consider your personal circumstances and is general in nature.

Financial Advice
The cost will depend on the areas of advice covered, complexity of strategies and expertise required.

We will always let you know what this is up-front.

As a guide, our professional cost will fall within a common range.

Single Strategy Advice and Implementation range is $1,100 (low complexity), $2,200 (medium complexity) and $3,300 (high complexity) - GST inclusive.

Comprehensive Advice and Implementation range is $3,300 (low complexity), $6,600 (medium complexity) and $9,900 plus (high complexity) - GST inclusive.

Single Strategy Advice

$1,100 to $3,300


$190 to $385 per hour

Comprehensive Advice

$3,300 to $9,900

 Advice Relationship

Once your initial advice strategy has been implemented you have the option to retain our services on a 12 month basis.

It means your plan keeps up with your life and you have a sounding board for financial decisions along the way.

We keep on top of market movements and legislative changes so you don’t have to.


  • Access to Financial Adviser

  • Access to Service Team

  • Comprehensive Progress & Review Meeting(s)

  • Quarterly Portfolio Reports (if requested or online access)

  • Quarterly News and Insights

  • Federal Budget & legislative updates 


$9,000 to $13,930
for 12 months

Two (2) Comprehensive Progress & Reviews, high portfolio complexity (Bespoked), ideal for $1,000,000 plus


$3,000 to or $5,125
for 12 months

Comprehensive Progress & Review, low portfolio complexity, ideal for $250,000 to $500,000


$6,000 to $8,815
for 12 months

Interim Review and Comprehensive Progress & Review, medium portfolio complexity, ideal for $500,000 to $1,000,000

Additional Help


  • Centrelink help & forms $220 to $2,200

  • Centrelink liaison service – Single $715 or Couple $825 for 12 months


  • Direct share portfolio service (CHESS Bell Potter) $330 pa minimum

  • Stockbroking share registry assistance & forms $190 per hour

Financial advice and administration hourly rates

  • Financial Adviser $385 per hour

  • Associate Financial Adviser $250 per hour

  • Client Service Manager/Officer and administration $190 per hour

All costs are quoted GST inclusive.

Are you ready to meet with an adviser near you?

We’re in Hurstville. Book an initial telephone chat.

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