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Our Investment Philosophy

Portfolio Construction

We believe in blending various asset classes to create a portfolio that aligns with your long-term investment objectives. Our focus is on two key components:

  • Asset Allocation: We strategically distribute investments across various asset classes.

  • Investment Manager Selection: We choose investment managers who can deliver consistent, superior risk-adjusted returns.


Investment Policy


Our investment policy is guided by a set of core beliefs that are logical, fundamentally sound, and widely acknowledged by the industry. Here are some key principles:

  1. Preservation of Capital: Our primary goal is to safeguard your capital.

  2. Diversification: We spread investments across a broad range of assets and investment styles to manage risk.

  3. Markets: We believe in the efficiency of public markets due to their transparency and regulatory oversight.

  4. Liquidity: We prioritise assets that can be bought and sold easily.

  5. Active vs Passive Investment Management: We believe that active managers can outperform index funds over the long term.

  6. Strategic vs Tactical Asset Allocation: We use Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) with the ability to take 2-3 year tilts.

  7. Portfolio Investment Management Style: We aim for a ‘style neutral’ position over the long term by diversifying investment styles and managers.

  8. Optimal Number of Managers: We select an optimal number of managers for each asset class to achieve adequate diversification.

  9. Market Segmentation: We consider market capitalisation, geographic segmentation, and sector exposure.

  10. Currency Management: We manage currency exposure to protect against loss of purchasing power.

  11. Fees and Taxes: We consider the impact of fees and taxes on your returns.

  12. Alternative Asset Classes: We consider ‘alternative assets’ that demonstrate non-traditional characteristics.




We believe in the old phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. We aim to achieve long-term positive returns without taking undue risks.


Manager Styles Explored


We consider various factors such as active vs passive management, top-down vs bottom-up approach, qualitative vs quantitative approach, and asset allocation when selecting investment managers.

Remember, our goal is to help you build wealth successfully with a well-diversified investment portfolio. We’re here to guide you every step of the way!

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