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Linh Nguyen

Associate Financial Adviser

Authorised Representative (1235065) of Count Financial Ltd

Bachelor of Commerce

(Accounting and Finance)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

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02 8355 6170


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How I help

I love helping people to make smarter money decisions that make a difference to people’s lives.

To me, making good money decisions is all about budgeting first, then saving and investing.

No matter how much money you earn, the important thing is how you spend it, save and invest for the future.

The clients I enjoy working with are usually at the start of their financial journey, particularly young professionals.

As they start to build their wealth and begin to earn more, they face a variety of financial challenges and decisions to make.

I help them achieve their goals like saving for a house, managing debt, cashflow management and long-term investing.

If there is a problem, there is a solution, and where there is a solution there is progress

Henry David Thoreau

When I feel like giving up, I tell myself that there is always a solution. Never give up and look forward to challenges.

What is the biggest benefit for someone considering financial advice?

Our clients always feel more secure after collaborating with us.

They feel like we know their whole picture very well and sometimes we understand their money habits better than themselves.

Confidence grows, as they have certainty in the steps they need to take to achieve their financial goals.  

Linh Nguyen

Linh Nyguen.jpg

Authorised to provide Financial Advice on

  • Cash flow management

  • Investment and share portfolios

  • Superannuation strategies

  • Redundancy advice

  • Retirement planning

  • Inheritance advice

  • Centrelink entitlements

  • Aged care advice

  • Life insurance

  • Financial Coaching Workshop

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