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Ongoing Advice Relationship

Financial Advice Relationship

We help people make good money choices today to set them up for tomorrow.

When clients have an ongoing financial advice relationship with us, they feel energised, confident and in control of their money life.

Benefits of ongoing financial advice

Having an ongoing advice relationship with a Financial Adviser makes sense if you’re serious about achieving your money goals.



With a financial adviser by your side our clients tell us they feel:

  • Confident making money decisions.

  • Less stressed, money is taken care of.

  • Optimised, they know their money is working as it should.

  • Relieved, someone else is looking out for opportunities.

  • Supported, your personal money cheer squad keeping you on track and celebrating your progress.

  • In control, they are no longer ignoring money issues and instead taking steps to improve their position.

  • Hopeful. They know they are taking realistic steps towards their future life.

Ongoing Financial Advice Service

Not only do you get a detailed, personalised financial strategy, but you also benefit from ongoing advice.

With us by your side, you’re never alone in making financial decisions.

  • Ask questions

  • Have a sounding board

  • Comprehensive Review Meeting

  • Quarterly Portfolio Reports

  • Quarterly News and Insights

  • Exclusive Client Events

  • Access to an Expert Panel


Not many financial advisers share costs up-front but we do.

Because we value transparency


  • Professional cost ranges reflect single or couple, number of accounts, complexity of portfolio and circumstances.

  • Costs are paid via your investment, superannuation or pension fund platform or invoiced if preferred.

  • Suggested minimum investable assets for our services is $250,000. If you have less than $250,000 investable assets, we can consider one-off initial financial advice. This would involve a Statement of Advice (financial plan) and no ongoing financial advice.

Additional help


  • Centrelink help & forms $220 to $550

  • Centrelink liaison service – Single $660 per year or Couple $770 per year


  • Direct share portfolio service (CHESS Bell Potter) $330 pa minimum

  • Stockbroking share registry & forms assistance $165 per hour

Financial Adviser hourly rate

  • Financial Adviser $330 per hour

  • Associate Financial Adviser $220 per hour

  • Client Service Manager/Officer & administration $165 per hour

All costs above are quoted GST inclusive.

Want to have a financial adviser by your side?

Ready to make good financial decisions for life?