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Client survey results & New educational standards

Updated: May 29, 2021

A big thank you to the 145 clients who took the time to complete this comprehensive client survey last year.

This was a massive undertaking by Core Data to measure the effectiveness of financial planning for our clients and many other clients across the network.

Key results

How likely are you to recommend your financial adviser to friends, family and/or colleagues?

Net Promoter score (NPS) 80

[Detractors 4% | Passives 12% | Promoters 84%]

My financial adviser has helped me secure protection against the unforeseen

87% (average 83%)

My financial adviser provides clarity around my goals and my progression towards them

96% (average 91%)

How often do you worry about money or lose sleep over your financial security? > Seldom

89% (average 86%)

How confident are you that you will be able to save the money needed to retire comfortably? > Confident

74% (average 58%)

Do you feel the documents provided you with a clear understanding of the annual fees you pay for advice? > Yes

94% (average 94%)

Overall, how much do you trust your financial adviser (i.e. believe they act in your best interests)?

92% (average 79%)


We are extremely happy with the results but we are always looking to improve. We are constantly asking ourselves ‘how can we do better?’

We never take our clients for granted and we really appreciate your support.

New educational standards

I am proud to announce that myself and Linh Nguyen, our Associate Financial Adviser have completed the new full educational requirements under the new standards.

Both Linh and I are also CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals, which is one of the highest designation a financial adviser can have.

The number of financial advisers continues to drop with higher education standards.

2017: 25,484

2018: 28,353

2019: 23,639

2020: 20,790

Many industry commentators are speculating that the number could drop to 15,000.

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