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Samy Ang

Client Services Manager

Advanced Diploma in Critical Care Nursing & Anaesthesia

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02 8355 6170


How I help

You may be wondering how a nurse ends up working in a financial advice practice.

In my mind the two are very similar. Instead of looking after physical health, I’m supporting financial health. Which is often just as important.

My personal financial motto is to not spend more than you can afford. Budgeting is like a healthy eating plan for your money.

I really enjoy what I do, working with my team and helping them solve problems to help our clients.

The best thing money can buy is financial freedom

Everyone seeks financial freedom and it’s exactly why we’re here.

What is the biggest benefit for someone considering financial advice?

They feel there is someone looking after them watching their back – assurance, care & support.

Samy Ang


What I do day-to-day

  • Solving client enquiries / administration issues

  • Prolific Xplan user

  • Generate & putting advice documents together

  • Implementation Statement of Advice & Record of Advice

  • Trouble shooting / brain storming ideas

  • Liaison with Centrelink & external super funds

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