Make confident money decisions through life

with a financial adviser
by your side

Your local Hurstville Financial Adviser

When clients first come to us they are often financially stressed and worried.

Not sure if they are doing the right thing and are on track to meet their goals.
Chatting with us and implementing a strategy gives them a confidence boost.

We see first-hand how Financial Advice can go a long way to relieving financial stress and helping you feel confident about everyday money decisions.


Ready to feel confident?

Financial Advice through life

There are times in life when money decisions matter more than most.


We can guide you with Financial Advice based on your life and financial circumstances.


We are licensed to provide one-off advice or you can choose to
have an 
ongoing advice relationship with us.

Why choose Living Financial Advice?

A Financial Adviser can be a great sounding board
What our client's say
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Clare Schwartz

"When I first approached Lyle (about seven years ago) I found that he listened with interest to hear about my circumstances and needs.
Without the condescension or forceful superiority I encountered with
other planners I had already spoken to.
Over the years I have always felt I could approach him with concerns or questions and he has follows up on requests I have made.

Lyle stays in regular contact, advising me in advance, of trends I should be aware of and keeping me up to date on matters that affect my investments. I have found him to be thoroughly professional and trust his judgement"

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The important stuff

All our Financial Advisers have the highest designation and we're proud members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

We're registered
tax agents too.

We are licensed
to provide advice through
Count Financial.

Our Location

Living Financial Advice


Count Financial
Level 5, 8 Woodville Street

Hurstville NSW 2220

Mailing Address

PO Box 854, Hurstville BC NSW 1481


Monday - Friday 9 am – 5 pm


 02 8355 6170